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Ing. František Kruntorád, CSc.
- Food Industry Consultancy Agency


  • Proposals and revisions of food products classification and correct classification of their names and legal wordings for food labelling. In accordance with food law and implementing regulations, as amended,
  • Preparation of applications for integrated IPPC approval, in accordance with Act No. 76/2002 Coll.,
  • Advisory services in the field of law on packing and waste materials,
  • Training of employees at the level of hygiene minimum,
  • Business plans, studies and projects of food production,
  • Professional carrier in food industry, supply-demand, free of charge,
  • Other food industry services, based on specific requirements of customer,
  • Receivables – professional experience since the year 1993

Contact information:

Zelený pruh 1560, 140 02 Prague 4-Braník, Czech Republic
Ph.: +420 296 374 656, 241 445 863, 296 374 655
Fax: +420 296 374 658
E-mail: agral@agral.cz
Internet: www.infak.cz

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